Under His Wings was founded in 1985 by Ken and Dixie Atkinson. UHW is an interdenominational, volunteer based Christian organization providing help and
assistance for women in need


What does Under His Wings Provide?
Maternity Program - For pregnant women and girls through delivery and 12 months after

New Moms Program - A 12 month program designed for moms with a small infant

New Beginnings Program - For Women with a child up to 5 years old (but not in school) in need of housing

We Offer...                                                                                                                              Photo : Doug Larson

*Temporary housing
*Food / clothing
*Pre-natal and parenting classes
*Assistance with adoptions / counseling
*Scripture based counseling and Bible study  classes

Interested in volunteering? UHW is always looking for those willing to serve as...

- Scriptural counselors                                                                         


- Pre-natal coaches


- Bible study leaders


- Low impact exercise instructors


- Parenting class teachers


- Drivers to and from doctor appointments


- Help at our UHW Resale Shop


- Those willing to do small repairs around the home


- Help to pick up items for the Resale Shop


- Drivers to take girls to church


- Etiquette classes

Under His Wings is a non-profit organization funded by donations, profits from the UHW resale shop, and Annual Banquet/auction. Most donations come from private individuals and area churches.